The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Inn at Meavy


A mill stone in an enclosure at King's Oven

The Royal Oak and St. Peters Church, Meavy

The oak tree is reputed to be nearly 900 years old having been planted when the church was first built in 1122. The oak tree is still standing today. The photograph was taken on 28 April 1888. A 20th century photograph of [LinkToDA100620 Meavy Oak Tree] shows the Meavy Village Cross next to the oak tree. This cross is not in the Burnard scene. The story of the reinstatement of the cross can be found at [ Meavy Village Cross]. The St Peters Church standing today was mainly rebuilt in the late 15th/early 16th century but some features of the original Norman church survive such as the mouldings on the chancel arch. The west tower and east window are dated to the 13th century.
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