Guildhall, Plympton




The Guildhall stands in the main thoroughfare Fore Street running east to west of ancient Plympton St. Maurice, or 'Plympton Earle' as it was known. The Guildhall is built in the local slate and granite, dated 1688-96 and was altered in 1780 when cells were included to replace the town jail. In the hall the magisterial business of the borough was transacted. The corporation allowed its charter to lapse in 1859, when the last mayor was elected and the ancient borough was no longer. Today it is occupied by the Plympton St. Maurice parish council, who succeeded the old corporation. Many houses in Fore street were originally slate hung at the front and highly patterned until re-faced with stones from the nearby disused Priory and years ago, markets were held in the open street with booths erected on both sides. Note the horse drawn carriages and the dress of the girls playing in the street.
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