Kistvaen on Chittaford Down near Postbridge


Woodleigh, Yelverton

Drizzlecombe Menhir

Drizzlecombe (Dreshel or Drishel-cum) menhir lies on a plain near Thrushelcombe brook. On this plain lie some of Britain's most interesting pre-historic monuments, there are 3 groups consisting of a barrow, stone row and this terminal menhir at a height of 14 feet. There is also a kistvaen nearby. In 1893 Robert Burnard with Rev. S Baring-Gould, W. Gray and R. Hansford Worth arranged for the re-erection of the menhir from where it had been lying prostrate. The stone is thought to have come from Higher Hartor, 2/3 mile away.
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Updated on June 24, 2019
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