This three span stone bridge is just beside a famous clapper bridge at Postbridge a hamlet in the centre of Dartmoor. The replacement bridge at Postbridge was built around the 1770s as part of a toll road, situated at the heart of Dartmoor on the East Dart River. The present day settlement of Postbridge dates back to the late 18th century when the Turnpike Act of 1772 resulted in the construction of a new road across the moor from Moretonhampstead to Tavistock. It gave powers to repair and improve the road and continued the new road through to Moretonhampstead. Before tarmac these roads were often rough and well rutted towards the end of summer. At this point the East Dart river has left the northern moor and is flowing in a southerly direction past Bellever and on to Dartmeet where it joins with the West Dart.

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