Back of a photograph of the rebuilding of the church

Back of a photograph of the rebuilding of the church. The typed words say "Monks rebuilding Buckfast Abbey church. Which started on very small donations. The new Abbot decided to train a mason & for that purpose sent a young lay-brother to one of our monasteries in the south of France. Brother Peter, worked at the trade for eighteen months & returned to Buckfast, a qualified mason. One lady contributed ?5, which were spent on the first few loads of stone from the neighbouring quarry. Another lady presented a horse. The work was launched the first stone was laid on the 5th January 1907 & after 23 yeras the work is still going on. Brother Peter, the solitary mason, of the early days, little-by-little trained a few other brothers in his craft. But the Abbey Authorities can only spare five or six brothers at a time to work on the building." "397264. - The brothers working on the high roof S.&.G. 21.11.30"

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