Mary Tavy Cross

Mary Tavy Cross
Location: Just inside the main gate to the churchyard. Grid Ref: 509 787 Purpose: Village Cross Size: 6 feet (1.82 metres) tall. 1 foot 6 inches (0.46 metres) across the arms. Information: Although, due to its location, this may appear to be a churchyard cross, this is not the case. The site was once an open space within the village but, in 1880, it was decided to extend the churchyard. As a result, the village cross became included within the church boundary. On the face of it, this elegant cross looks as though it is in good condition and has been well cared for. However, all is not as it would seem. The socket stone and those used in the pedestal are probably the only original parts of the cross. It doesn’t appear as though the shaft is original, as it has been fashioned from Roborough Down stone, rather than the granite used for the socket and pedestal. Also the base of the shaft is slightly smaller than the socket, so it is quite probable that this is the shaft of another cross that has been reused. The head and arms are relatively modern and were made to replace the originals, which were thought to have been lost. Since its restoration, part of the original head and arms have come to light and have now been placed on one of the steps beneath the cross. The pedestal is of three steps, composed of large rectangular blocks, that have been cemented into place. The socket stone is square, with a chamfered top edge. The sides of the socket stone have been decoratively engraved in relief, with a different design on each face. The tapered shaft is square at the bottom and octagonal above. The head and arms are also octagonal but it will be noticed that these are slightly out of proportion, being rather small for the shaft. Information taken from,
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